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So I'm opening commission again...

Please feel free to PM me in DA or Tumblr or Email( me if you're interested in ordering a commission. 

I can draw.... Hmm, lots of things, but there are also things I can not draw, so please make sure to contact me and let's discuss first...

(*)(*)(*)Commission Prices and Info(*)(*)(*)

Paypal fees are not included in the listed prices
To calculate Paypal Fees click here:paypalfeecalculator.paymentpro…
*I live in China*
My Paypal account: (name: xiao xiao)

*Commissions Info:*
*All the commissions will be in size A4*

**Sketch Commissions**
Half body or bust:
*additional character + $8
Full body:
*additional character+$10
*no detailed background or patterns/decorations/flowers....

**Simple Black & White line art Commissions**
Half body or bust:
*additional character + $12
Full body:
*additional character+$14
*no detailed background or patterns/decorations/flowers....

**Detailed Black & White fine line art Commissions**
Half body or bust:
*additional character + $16
*No detailed background but will have patterns/decorations/flowers, etc. it will be better if you can request the specific items. This kind of line art is almost as complicated as the colored art...

**Digital Colored Commissions**
Half body or bust:
*additional character + $20
Full body:
*additional charater+$22
*no detailed background or patterns/decorations/flowers....

**Handrawn Watercolor Commissions**
Half body or bust:
*additional character + $22
*With simple background and some patterns/decorations/flowers.

!!ATTENTION!!* Please give me the credit and let me know where and when you're using the picture. I reserve the right to retain small (or croped/censored, up to the client) versions of commissioned pictures and to post them online where is informed to the client (watermarks will be applied).
Since some of you have asked, and I really want to share them with you, I finally found a way to sell them aboard.

So, 1 set includes 8 postcards and 1 envelope with frostiron logo.

I don't know how to add pics in the journal... so, if there's anyone interested, please go to the item's online sale link for the postcards' photo and more informations of payment and shipping fees, etc:…

(I tried to use Ebay… but I failed because I really can't understand it… so finally I'm using Etsy. Sorry if it means any inconvenience for you…)

Please go to the item's page for other informations of payment, shipping fees, etc. If you have any questions, you could contact me here leaving messages or notess.

Thank you very much for your attention!
For my last stupid journal...thanks to all of my friends who have bothered to comfort me! I feel ashamed for being such a drama queen... but I can be so sensitive and irretional occationally, I'm so gratefel that you didn't drop me for that.

I'm really surprised and flattered for the comments I've got, sincerely. I always think I'm just an ordinary people who feels frustrated constantly for not being able to express entirely through my works due to my lame art skill. I thought it was good to be humble(well, keeping humble is also a Chinese tradition and virtue), but now I think I should be more confident to avoid such unecessary self-pity drama...

And, oh I feel like DA is my home! I have posted same words in Tumblr(well I lost a follower there for this drama...), but I felt quite nervous for letting everybody see me being so, because people there are basicly strangers to me, we barely talk. So I deleted the posts as soon as I calmed down. But here, I'm not afraid to show you my fragile part, you are all my friends.

Again, thank you so much!

P.S. I'm on vacation this week, so there won't be any submits for a while... I'll miss you and the arts...
A quite popular frostiron fan writer asked in Tumblr 'where's the fanart at?' and said she was 'starving' for fanarts. And I saw many people agreed her.

As frostiron fan artist myself I've kept posting works now and then (I even spent a lot of time and energy to make a comic and translate for everyone here to share, recently) and I did see others keep spreading their love through art works too. If people indeed was starving, I suppose they should have looking through the net to find arts and see our works. Yet they are still asking where it is. So I can only assume that either they don't like our works or they think these stuffs are not good enough to be counted as arts or they are just saying it that they are 'starving' but don't actually go through the possible art pages. No matter which is the fact, it makes me really upset.

Once I have sent one of my works to another popular fan writer and said in excitement, 'I've done a fan art for you!', but that famous author totally ignored me, well maybe she received too many messages to even notice mine(I guess she just replied randomly?). I have to admit that this depressed me a lot. I know I'm not a professional artist and maybe I will never be as good as those professional ones, such fact already often makes me upset. But I still keep on drawing here, because I love those characters too much to give up, even though I feel frustrated of my lame art skills. In my opinion, the love is always most important for fanart.

Of course I don't want to and will not force anyone to like my works, but now I feel upset because even though I'm trying my best to spread the love for frostiron through my works, still exists such a possibility that for some people my stuffs are not even good enough to be considered as fanarts.

In Chinese, we call those unfamous artists or writers 'the little transparents', that's excatly what I am feeling now.

And in case people saying there's no fanart around are just because they don't try to find them, isn't it a bit impolite for all the artists because we are really trying hard to share the works and get feedbacks?
Actually I'm still waiting for the Schengen visa from the consulate of Spain. Are they going to refuse me because I speak Spanish and I've been there for a month 6 years ago which would be considered as emigration incline...? Anyway, if I get the visa, my husband and I are going to spend 15 days(28th Jul - 11 Aug) in Madrid(28th Jul-1st Aug), Paris(2nd Aug-7th Aug) and Munich(7th Aug-11 Aug).

I don't know if it's possible, but if any of you happens to be in those cities during that time, and if it's ok for you, I do wish we could meet up there and I'll appreciate so much if you can be my guide for some while... I just enjoy that feeling of meeting up with someone I know but never have the chance to meet.


En realidad, todavía estoy esperando el visado de Schengen del consulado de España. No Sé si me van a negar porque hablo español y he estado allí un mes hace 6 años, que a lo mejor consideran como tendencia de emigración.. Sea como sea, si puedo conseguir el visado, mi marido y yo vamos a pasar 15 días (28 de julio-11 de agosto) en Madrid (28 de julio-1 de agosto), Paris (día 2- 7 de agosto) y Munich (dia 7 - 11 de agosto).

No sé si es posible, pero si alguien por casualidad está en las ciudades mencionads durante ese tiempo, y si le conviene, tengo ganas de reunirnos allí y agradezco muchísimo si puede ser mi guía por un rato... me disfruto de encontrarme con la persona que conozno pero no tuve la oportunidad de enconrar.
Aquí para lograr los trabajos relativamente buenos, se debe asistir a varios exámenes. Y la dificultad de estos se varía según lo bueno que es el trabajo, es decir, para los trabajos mejores, los exámenes son más difísiles... Por eso, es la culpa mía haberme decidido a ser una funcionaria, que supone un trabajo mejor por lo estable y cómodo que es, según la opnión popular... y que por eso exige mucho en los exámenes....

Para lograr esta posición, he tomado parte en tres exámenes difisilísimos después de dos meses de esfuerzos, haciendo prácticas de más de dos meses en la misma oficina sin níngun sueldo... y ahora, me tocará el momento crucial del examen final de español y de la entrevista. Sin embargo, durante los pasados años de estudios de español, todo lo que me eseñaban era el castellano en vez del español mismo. Bueno, esto no afecta mucho a la habilidad por escrito, pero como la mayoría de lo que escuchaba tantos años eran de acento de España, todavía no estoy acostumbrada del latinoamericano... el que justamente constituirá el examen de oído..... T T

Además, el director de la oficina, quien hizo los papeles del examen de español, es una persona con una gama demasiada amplia de conocimientos.... se interesa por TODO, especialmente la política... es decir, seguramente me exigirá que discuta sobre las disputas, litigios o discrepancias de los asuntos globales... el ejemplo que me dio fue: ¿qué piensa sobre los intentos que EEUU alberga en las conversaciones a seis bandas?.... a cerca de este tema se puede escribir una tesis no?! (una chica de la oficina me dijo que en el examen que ella tomó parte en, había una pregunta así: hable algo sobre los treinta años de las relaciones bilaterales sino-estadounidenses.)

....Me ahogo.
The original link of this comment:…

This is a sentence said by a mod of APH-club in DA. And because of this, I left the club.

Two of my submits to the club have been declined without reason, and when I asked for the reason, none could give a clear reason, even one of the mods said the words above. As an artist, I think I have the rights and ability to ask for so basic a respect of getting a reason when I was refused. I'm not a begger for favs that I have to beg the mods to accept my arts so more people could see it and leave comments and make my vanity feel satisfied.

So, sorry for the kids in that club, and I appologize for my stupid proud of an artist. Even though I'm not any one famous.
I hope you have noticed that I've done two fan arts of the doujinshi JUGGERNAUT, whiched showed how much I love the book... but I've just found this video, after I've finished reading the book for a while...

Here it…

I'm sorry it's all in Chinese, I guess the main idea is, every time China and America seem to become close, they soon get apart. Alfred seeks the 'freedom', Yao insists on his faith. The history of their relationship can be described as a constant hope, which is continuelly failed.  

And the artist Shishio's homepage in Pixiv:……

What a complicated and serious joke....XD
First of all, I have to say: in China, "live in moderation" is a virtue! look like you are 18.
When I was 10, I looked like 20,  I was even flirted by a college boy(sorry for him since I didn't get it...), but now... sometimes people ask me 'how is the high school life?'(I'm 24 already)....age is a mistery in China XD like to eat chicken feet.
Yes. suck on fish heads and fish fins.
Yeah... have a chinese knick-knack hanging on your rear view mirror.
Eh, I don't have a car...But I think when I have one, I'll hang a Sasuke on it XD sing karaoke.
No, I hate it.

6.your house is covered with tile.
No, only in the toilet.

7.your kitchen is covered by a sticky film of grease.
No... I clean the kitchen several times a day.

8.your stove is covered with aluminum foil.
?? Why?? No. leave the plastic covers on your remote control.
No... my mother likes to do so, but I don't.'ve never kissed your mom or dad.
I kiss them a Lot.'ve never hugged your mom or dad.
And I hug them even more.

12.your unassisted vision is worse than 20/500.
Eh... yes... wear contacts,to avoid wearing your "coke bottle glasses".
No, I received an operation...'ve worn glasses since you were in fifth grade.

15.your hair sticks up when you wake up.
Yes, that's because I'm short-haired now. Before when I had long hair, no.'ll haggle over something that is not negotiable.
NO....Why??? love to use coupons.
Yes, why not?? drive around looking for the cheapest petrol.
I don't have a car... drive around for hours looking for the best parking space.
Again, I don't have a car. take showers at night.
Yes, but I wash my hair at morning. avoid the non-free snacks in hotel rooms.
Yes, because they are too expensive. don't mind squeezing 20people into one motel room.
Yes, I mind!!

23.most girls have more body hair than you,if you are male.
I am female... tap the table when someone pours tea for you.
No, this is just Cantonese habit. say "aiya!"and \"wah!\"frequently.
Yeah... I think they are North China accents. don't want to wear your seatbelt because it is uncomfortable.
I wear seatbelt! love las vegas,slot machines,and blackjack.
No, I hate them. unwrap christmas gifts very carefully,so you can reuse the paper.
No, I don't have such patience. only buy christmas cards after christmas,when they are 50%off.
I don't buy christmas cards because I don't celebrate it, it's occidental festival, not our Chineses'. have a vinyl tablecloth on your kitchen table.
There are several on the kitchen table... spit bones and other food scraps on the table.that's why you need the vinyl tablecloth.
Yes, but what's wrong with it? I clean up the table! have stuff in the freezer since the beginning of time.
Eh....maybe(I have to check my freezer...) use the dishwasher as a dish rack.
I don't have a dishwasher. have never used your dishwasher.
That's why I don't have one. keep a thermos of hot water available at all times.
No, I have a water dispenser. eat all meals in the kitchen.
No, in the living room. save grocery bags,tin foil,and tin containers.
Yes, Environmental Protection! have a piano in your living room.
No. pick your teeth at the dinner table (but you cover your mouth).
Eh, some times. twirl your pen around your fingers.
Yes. hate to waste food.
Yes, but I don't force myself to finish. have tupperware in your fridge with three bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing.
???Why??? don't own any real tupperware -only a cupboard full of used but carefully rinsed margarine tubs,takeout containers,and jam jars.
WHAT the HECK??? Of course I have!! also use the jam jars as drinking glasses.
NO!! I have dringking glasses!!! have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles that you take every time you stay in a hotel.
No.... carry a stash of your own food whenever you travel (travel means any car ride longer than 15minutes).these snacks are always dried and include dried plums,mango,ginger,and squid.
No..........(who asked such questions?!) wash your rice at least 2-3times before cooking it.
No more than 2 times.

48.your dad thinks he can fix everything himself.

49.the dashboard of your honda is covered by hundreds of small toys.
....I don't have car don't use measuring cups.
.....I'm not German. beat eggs with chopsticks.
Yes. have a teacup with a cover on it.
Yes. always look phone numbers up in the phone book,since calling information costs 50cents.
No, I don't have the phone book. only make long distance calls after 11pm.

55.if you are male,you clap at something funny and if you are female,you giggle whilst placing a hand over your mouth.
Depends on where I am... like chinese films in their original undubbed versions.
? Why Chinese films have to be dubbed in China?? love chinese martial arts films.
Yes.'ve learnt some form of martial arts.
A little Shadowboxing...

59.shaolin actually means something to you.
No. like congee with thousand-year-old eggs.
that is "Century Egg and Pork Congee porridge"! prefer your shrimp with the heads and legs still attached.
? I don't mind, as long as it is shrimp. never call your parents just to say hi.
I'm learning to call them just o say hi.

63.if you don't live at home,when your parents call,they ask if you've eaten,even if it's midnight.
Why midnight???

64.when you're sick,your parents tell you not to eat fried foods or baked goods due to yeet hay.
Yes know what yeet hay is.
Yes,and I always try to control it. e-mail your chinese friends at work,even though you only 10feet apart.
Eh, that's just for fun. use a face cloth.
No. starve yourself before going to all you can eat places.
I did it before... but now, no. know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics.
No.....I wish-  -. save your old coke bottle glasses even though you're never going to use them again.
No. Why? own your own meat cleaver and sharpen it.

72.your toothpaste tubes are all squeezed paper-thin.
I will try... know what moon cakes are.

74.when there is a sale on toilet paper,you buy 100rolls and store them in your closet or in the bedroom of an adu[AHAHA ^BAIDU ]lt child who has moved out.

75.your parents know how to launch nasal projectiles.
NO. It's quite rude. iron your own shirts.
Yes. play a musical instrument.

78.even if you're totally full,if someone says they're going to throw away the leftovers on the table,you'll finish them.
No.'ve eaten a red bean popsicle.
Yes. bring oranges (or other produce)with you as a gift when you visit people's homes.
Some times... fight over who pays the dinner bill.
No... I'm not that rich. majored in something practical like engineering,medicine or law.
No... I study Spanish. live with your parents and you are 30years old (and they prefer it that way).or if you're married and 30years old,you live in the apartment next door to your parents,or at least in the same neighborhood.
I'm not 30... and I hope I won't live with them when I'm 30. don't tip more than 10%at a restaurant,and if you do,you tip chinese delivery guys/waiters more.
I don't tip the waiters who have regular salary. have acquired a taste for bitter melon.
No. eat every last grain of rice in your bowl,but don't eat the last piece of food on the table.
No. know why there are 88reasons.
Eh... because Chinese people like 8? see the truth in this and then send it to all your chinese friends.
Me estoy preparando para varios exámenes, uno de los cuales es de español, por eso quería leer más en el idioma para mejorar mi sensación. Pero apenas tengo información en los sitios españoles... ni idea dónde puedo encontrar buenas ficciones en español, especialmente las de fan. (Sólo sé el pero hasta ahora no he encontrado nada que me guste...)

Amigo(a)s hispanohablantes! Podrían darme una mano de recomendarme unos cuentos buenos o sitios de fan ficciones sobre Harry Potter y Naruto?? Muchísimas gracias!!
So here are some pictures from the parade~ and some comments below are interesting... people just like to find a 'target' to pity so they can feel satisfied of themselves.

Photos from the parade CLICK HERE:…
Taken from…

Y!Gallery is down temporarily getting an upgrade. We'll be getting more server space so please bear with us while we get things back and working again.

The site's been off a little longer than we expected, but should be back up bigger and better than ever very soon.

I'll edit in an update into this journal when Y!Gallery is again back up and running, so stay tuned ^_^
I'm so disappointed on you, Sasuke.

"So...? If I come back, what is there for me?"

"My only goal is in the darkness."

I really don't know what can save him anymore... but, well, since Kishi had said that Sasuke was his favorite character, and the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto were just like his twin brother and himself(yeah, he did say so....inces...*cough*... ok, let's say that's just brotherly love), there's certainly some way to bring Sasuke back.

Of course I like Sasuke quiet a lot, but I still think Kishi is too partial to is so obvious that Kishi tried very hard to avoid Sasuke kill someone for real... he definitely don't want to make him a real criminal...
I know I have a lot of things to do... I have to prepare for my thesis proposal in October, I have to prepare for the civil service exam in November, and yet my internship hasn't finish...

But... I don't even like my major. It was totally a mistake, the tutor showed me a pretty perspective which later I found was just a dream, and I didn't thought of it clear enough, I just wanted to escape from the job-finding things, which I have to face right now, in a harder situacion. And, now, I have to finish a major I hate, I have to do a project I have no interest at all, because I have already spent years on it, and I need the master degree. However, is it possible for me to even pass the thesis defense? Since I haven't done much effort.... I know it's all my own fault, but what's done is done, the wasted time is wasted...

And the civil service exam. I have never been so afraid of a exam before, since before I have always had certain confidence about myself, about what the level I was in. But this... I have no confidence at all!!!! In 120 minutes, 140 problems- including math problems, Chinese language and grammar problems, logic problems, law problems, economic problems, and politic problems. How is that possible for me to know all of those areas?! Officially they say all of these problems are just of basic levels, oh yeah, like basic math problems of high school. How do some one who doesn't study math major in college for 4 years to remember that anymore?! Even he remembers, how can he resolve it in less than 1 minute??? Ah, and we have to write some articles like national policies about some certain social problems..... The more excercise I do, the more desperate I feel.... but I do want to access that job which requires the exam....

Oh, and my beloved boyfriend, his vacation is in October and November. After a year of seperation of course I'm really looking forward to the reunion, but, October and November?! .... I want to tell him to suspend the vacation till several moths later, but how can I say that? He has suffered a lot in his job in Africa, and he wants to come back and see his friends and families the sooner the better. How can say that 'your exist will be a distraction for my study so don't come back or I won't spend much time with you even you're back and you're so in love with me'?!

.....SO, those above are the reasons why I kind of quite drawing now. I don't have the time nor the mood....
Just a note for whom loves Y-gallery~~
(This note is copied from

(I'm not adminster or anything like that of Y-gallery... but since I have some friends here in DA who also go to y-gallery, I think at least I can make a note for them.)

This is just a note to let anyone who's interested know that the server at Y!Gallery is offline at the moment and this is likely to be the case for a couple of days. I'm told this is because poor Sianne very unfortunately got her wallet stolen (in church!) and had to cancel cards just as the next server payment became due *headdesk* Lord! Just goes to show you that nothing is sacred.

But, please do not panic - Anyone who has uploaded to Y!, know that your submissions are safe and the gallery will return as soon as the bank has re-issued cards, etc.

So see you guys around there again soon.
First of all, I have to admit(again) that my English really sucks... and these are just random thoughts, so if you can't tolerate my broken English and my jumbled opinions please just leave as soon as possible because I don't want to hurt your eyes...XD

I've just read a journal about China and America, the author is Chinese who lives in America, and she complained a lot about 'how bad China is compared with America but yet she didn't hate it so the Americans shouldn't blame their country'. Well, I always try to be polite and mild so I didn't argue with her through replies except simply saying that I have never found any difficulty loading DA in China ( she said China blocked DA).

I have been in some democratic countries, and I'm a Singapore permanent resident so I have lived there for several years and I keep visiting there once or twice a year, so I don't think it's my ignorance of other contries which makes me feel comfortable enough being in China. Yes there are lots of problems here because it's still a developing country, and the administration is not mature, but it's not as bad as some really ignorant foreigners may think of. Especially in Beijing, the capital and the most developed city in China, if what I say doesn't count, there are so many foreigners who love Beijing so much that they want to stay here.

In my opinion, there is only one problem in China, the government's control. I have to admit that it's really annoying when I can't load Youtube nor open some sexual contents page, but it's not only my opinon, most of the Chinese people don't like the control and there are always people argueing about it in public press. I believe it'll be just a matter of time that China evolves into a freer country, though it's a slow evolution, at least we all can see its progress.

And actually every country has its own problem, I don't think anyone has the right to blame on the others' to be not perfect.
I'm so tired of some naive comments about yaoi/slash/bl... so I've deleted all this kind of pics in my DA gallery, whoever still wants to see the lots of my yaoi pics, please go to my yaoi gallery:… (you have to register first in to see my page.)

I'm sorry for the trouble, but I do hate to be insulted by some stupid, ignorant kids.
I think I'm going to have a try.

Actually I'm going to graduate from my master's degree in a year and I have to work on my thesis while try hard to find a job.... I don't know if I can handle well my life and the art work, SO now here's just a test run...

(*)(*)(*)Commission Prices and Info(*)(*)(*)

Please feel free to PM me or Email( me if you're interested in ordering a commission

Paypal fees are not included in the listed prices
To calculate Paypal Fees click here.
*Remember that it's a cross-border payment

*My Paypal account: * (name: xiao xiao)

*Commissions Info:*

I can draw:
- Anime characters
- OC
- Fanart
- Girls
- Comic style portrait
- etc. (just contact me and we will discuss everythig)
To see my other arts besides yaoi, please visit my DeviantArt gallery here

There are some things I can NOT draw, so please make sure to contact me and let's discuss first...

**Sketch Commissions**
*additional character + $8
*no detailed background or patterns/decorations/flowers....

**Basicly Black & White colored art Commissions**
*additional character + $16
*no background or patterns/decorations/flowers....

**Colored Commissions**
*additional character + $22
*no detailed background or patterns/decorations/flowers....


* The copyright of all the commissions is always mine. Please give me the credit and let me know where and when you're using the picture. I reserve the right to retain small (or croped/censored, up to the client) versions of commissioned pictures and to post them online where is informed to the client (watermarks will be applied).